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advised that girls who start to develop breasts and pubic hair at age 6 or 7 years are not necessarily abnormal.

(1) The guidelines were based on a number of studies, the most important being the trial by Herman-Giddens et al (2) of 17,000 girls between the ages of 3 and 12 years who were patients in more than 200 pediatricians’ offices across the country.

An example of this could be if you're separated for some period of time and could only 'get intimate' through the phone.(Curiously, the Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary defines masturbation as “Onanism,” or self abuse.) So, the Bible does not explicitly spell out an answer and therefore, we need to defer to the theologians.

You can, however, consider biblical principles as you weigh these personal decisions.

I don't want to have sex as yet and I can't get my hands on any sex toys and I don't really have much privacy either. (age 17) You might try making your own "sex toy" out of a candle, marker, etc.Is it OK for a husband and wife to masturbate together?Is it OK for the husband/wife to masturbate while fantasizing about the other spouse?Adolescent sexuality encompasses multiple factors, such as developing intimate partnerships, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and culture.Adolescent sexuality has changed over the past 50 years, with adolescents now reaching physical maturity earlier and marrying later.

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Although Christians may think they should be immune to pornography’s attraction, increasing numbers of believers are falling prey to its powerful lure and becoming addicted.

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