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I admit (it causes) confusion especially if I’m being asked by the media, but what I know is that there’s love.The (official) label and status — that’s something we don’t talk about.” To recall, the Angel and Phil “love story” had a non-traditional start, unfolding first for the world wide web to see as Phil asked Angel on Twitter to a date on Valentine’s season last year.“No labels, but the love is there, it’s not official, but it’s exclusive” were the words, if stringed together, that the actress used when pressed by the media to describe the status of her relationship with the heartthrob footballer, at the presscon for Unofficially Yours, her new Star Cinema movie with John Lloyd Cruz, under the direction of rom-com master Cathy Garcia-Molina. But of course, at the end of the day, you still want it official.“It’s the first time I’m experiencing something that has no labels, but we’re exclusively seeing each other,” Angel admitted. But it’s difficult to force something that doesn’t work yet for you.Exactly one year after, whatever they now have — the signs all point to something going strong and smoothly.In some of Phil’s most crucial games with the Azkals last year, Angel provided the cheers and support.Premium porn starts in a wife variety of porn videos, all stashed in this premum collection of sex videos.

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When Phil’s mother sadly passed away also last year, the public saw Angel offering her presence and comfort.

The Dubai-based producer, Portfolio Films International, said the story follows Bergin's character, Frank Parish, a retired U. firefighter and philanthropist wrongly jailed for murder in the Philippines.

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