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“I love most rye, but if I had to pick a desert-island one, I would probably pick Michter’s.There’s a great one called ‘Pikesville’, too, but it’s really hard to find.

Rachel Maddow is taking election night really hard.It was also the second most watched show in the history of the network, falling just short of a 2008 episode of Keith Olberman's 'Countdown' that delivered 4.2 million viewers days before the election.And Maddow owes it all to President Trump, whose presidency has provided a much needed boost to the host's overall ratings as well, with her show averaging 2.1 million viewers each night, close to double the 2016 average of 1.1 million. She then waited over an hour to clarify, sending out a second tweet that read: 'What we've got is from 2005... details to come tonight 9PM ET, MSNBC.' The show also lost their exclusive in that time, with multiple other outlets publishing the 1040 form before the start of Maddow's show.That drawn out segment was also a bit misleading, with Maddow seeming to insinuate that answers for some of the questions she was posing would be answered with the unveiling of Trump's taxes.'If this wasn’t just some Russian oligarch dumping almost million into Donald Trump’s pocket for no discernible reason, couldn’t Trump’s tax returns clear that up? 'Wouldn’t Trump’s taxes show whatever reasonable real estate inflow and outflow might explain what otherwise really does look like a bizarre dump of tens of millions of dollars of Russian money into Donald Trump’s coffers?'In the end however, the 1040 form showed that President Trump made a lot of money in 2005 and paid a seemingly fair amount in taxes, handing over .4million on earnings of 0million.

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