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South Africa, given its recent history under the ANC and the miners/police clash leaving scores dead, by this very record makes the country ineligible to any claim for human rights pureness much less use same as a criterion to confer an award.Name Your Own Price Month Would You Let Your Client Set Your Fee?Even it was prior to 1998, and given what Rodneys family stated as against what the OR Tambo award sets out to honour-as outlined in the first paragraph-the Rodney family and South Africa Government have much explaining to do!They need to explain how Fidel Castro (2009), Jawaharlal Nehru and Cheddie Jagan (2005) for example were recipients, as leaders who presided over nations where there were/are rampant human rights violations such as racial discrimination, the Jagans politics of the 1960s and 1990s; high poverty levels in all three nations; the untouchable Dalits, women and child rights struggles in India; and Cubas political system, pungent human rights record and treatment of minorities.Singles all over the world are turning to online dating in an effort to find the person they’ve always dreamt of dating.

A Minnesota Lawyer’s Experiement with ‘Name Your Own Price’ Fees Lawyer’s ‘Name Your Own Price’ Experiment Current Events Should Elizabeth Edwards’ Heirs Sue for Malpractice?

Gleaning from the information superhighway, this campaign is led by Jamaican Professor Horace Campbell of Syracuse University, New York and Dr. Through the grapevine it is said the Guyanas Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) Government also has a hand in it, using the channel of government diplomacy- a rumour the government has not denied. R Tambo Award is conferred on foreign nationals (Heads of State and Government) and other foreign dignitaries who promoted South Africas interests and aspirations through co-operation, solidarity and support.

It should be noted that those opposing the award to Burnham are not doing so from the standpoint that he does not qualify for the award based on the criteria set out therein.

The Regional Public Defender's Office shall represent those indigents charged with commission of capital offenses in the participating counties by providing high quality, cost-effective legal services in an ethical, professional, and competent manner.

We shall seek to secure the legal protection of our clients, and enhance the quality of life in our community.

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