Faculty dating policy

As a member of the faculty and through their influence with other faculty (who may teach the student), the professor holds power over the student.Many schools look down on professor/student dating because of these reasons.divorce) until such time as there is no effect upon impartiality.

The prohibited conduct in this policy applicable to familial relationships shall continue after the termination of the relationship (e.g.The intent of this policy is to provide assurance that all students and employees are able to learn or work in an environment where they can be objectively supervised, instructed, or evaluated.This policy defines the types of interpersonal relationships among faculty, staff and students that by their very existence create an inherent conflict of interest that affects a student or employee’s ability to be objectively supervised, instructed or evaluated.Dwyer fondled her after she passed out following a night of heavy drinking. Regent Judith Hopkinson, who pushed for the policy change, said work on the proposal began in 2001 but gained momentum after the widely publicized episode."We were all incredibly distressed by that incident," she said.

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