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His mom came to get us and when I saw her I realized that she was the hottest milf that I had ever laid eyes upon. Her ass was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen.

It was small and plump and her jeans hug around it perfectly.

She then went over and on tiptoes, bent over the table, reaching back and pulling the jeans and panties apart, along with the lips of her cunt, which was oozing her grayish cunt lubricant.

I didn't need any more urging, I unzipped my pants, flopped out my 7in cock, which by now was hard enough to drive nails, and drove it to the hilt in mom's cunt."oh, God, you don't know how good that feels,sweetheart," She said.

I checked and his clothes are still here, so I guess he's coming back." "Good", I said,"When do you think he'll be back?

" "He's probably gone to see his buddy Bimbo Franklin, that guy agrees with everything he says, so he needs to be told he did the right thing so he can still feel macho." "Anyway, I have another surprise for you, Billy." She got up from her chair, turned around and bent over and I could see that she had split the seam in the crotch of her jeans, exposing her crotchless panties and the curly brown hair around her cunt.

She looked at the tent in my pants and said, "let that thing get some air, sweetheart, he's smothering in there!It starts from the flirty chats and can go up to the most fantasized relationship people have ever wondered.It has become a reality these days because people want to have these kinds of relationships in their lives.The second he felt my mouth on his cock, He hauled off and punched me in the face and called me a filthy, perverted whore.It knocked me out, and by the time I came to, he was gone.

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I rolled in from high school on my bike, once the best thing in my life, now relegated to fourth place behind Mom,(#1), Yvonne (#2), and aunt Beth (#3),turned the bike around, kicked out the side stand and hurried into the house.

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