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Trebek would never invite a third wheel to our standing 7 p.m. “His name is Jesus Christ.” It was then that I realized the book on the table was a Bible.No matter how generous the math, that scenario didn’t add up.But when you’re working with a freelance magazine contract, a Target gift card and a one-bedroom in South Philly, divorce simply sucks. Not that there’s ever a good time to drop the D-bomb on your life.Communion We hold Communion at our Sunday services periodically throughout the year.Whether you want to feel better about your own dating life or crawl into a ball of despair, we had some of Philly's boys and girls share their worst anecdotes about dating in Philly to help you out during Valentine's Day this year.

What’s it like to reenter the dating pool in your early 30s … when the last time you were single, Facebook was a print product? It had, after all, been a solid 10 years since I’d been on a first date, and if my memory served me correctly, I wasn’t all that good at them. And that this wasn’t so much a date as it was a recruitment session.

You’re likely to run into paramours past at any given social event.

But all of the bad aspects of this city's dating pool are made up through good-ass stories.

Put your campus and your name in the subject header, for example: “Hongdae – John Doe.” Our admins will email you once the next baptisms are scheduled and prepare a certificate of baptism.

Healing and Deliverance Jesus came so that we may have life and life abundantly (John ).

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