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Gigabyte tech support aren't much help, suggesting that users can just extract it on a Windows box. The Gigabyte QFlash binaries are simply self extracting rar files.The following steps make it easy to update Gigabyte QFlash BIOSes on a linux box (albeit with non free software).The Lenovo support site offers downloadable BIOS updates that can be run either from Windows or from a bootable CD.Here's how to convert the bootable CD ISO images under Linux in order to update the BIOS from a USB stick.Before upgrading your BIOS, you may want to look up which version of the BIOS you are currently running.

he BIOS is Basic Input/Output System used by a computer, which embedded on a chip on a computer’s motherboard.

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Update: Comments suggest that gigabyte are now using 7zip, not rar as their archive format.

At this point, the Linux takes over control of your computer and finishes starting up system in GUI or text based mode.

The BIOS is stored in rewritable memory, which allows you to update old BIOS firmware with a newer version. A special program provided by the computer manufacturer to update BIOS.

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A newer version of BIOS may fix bugs, provide improved performance and/or may support newer hardware devices such as large hard drives or SCSI / SAS disks.

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