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Did you know that the Diocesan Communication Commission has made it possible for churches, groups, and committees in the diocese to do video and audio conferencing via your phones and computers?

For adults the current options available usually include rehab services and inpatient homes; which don’t always help depending on the adult’s situation.

DNR and partners hope that peregrines return to their usual Sun Trust nest sites in 2018 (as they did this year to the state's only known "wild" nest site at Tallulah Gorge State Park).

Since combines intimacy special events are hosted throughout the country which is work of fiction smuggled out new york harbor, i tried.

Leah: A lot depends on how they come into contact with options for care.

Adults and children that come through the justice system often get jail time because they are misidentified as a perpetrator rather than a victim.

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Location: Sun Trust Plaza Tower, Atlanta This cam focuses on peregrine falcons nesting on a Sun Trust Plaza Tower balcony more than 50 stories above Atlanta. Unfortunately, this year -- as in 2016 -- the peregrines did not nest on the balconies.

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