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The thing that annoys Clementines the most is people calling them 'tangerine' or 'satsuma' if you call a clementine this they will never ever be your friend or like you ..... She is very pretty and has an air of confidence and intelligence about her.

Teacher: So this is our new girl sorry what's your name?

So the idea that "to fight like a girl" is a play, not just on the fact that people think that girls are rubbish but …

is testament to how strong women are and how vigorously we fight just to exist day to day, with all of the violence that is enacted against us, with all of the hostility, the brutality. Just listening to you, I was thinking about the song during the depression about "don't be polite, girls, show a little fight".

One of the few lucky girls who have an interesting name that is still pretty and works well with surnames.

: In the Diva interview Clementine Ford said, "I never want to put a label on my self – but knowing that not everyone comes from such a liberal place, when something like Prop 8 comes out, you realize it’s important to stand up and be counted."She also admitted that she has dated women.

Cybil Shepherd played Phyllis Kroll, Bette's boss and Clementine played Phyllis' daughter Molly, one of Shane's love interests.

Clementine Ford Comes Out in Diva Magazine: Clementine Ford appeared to have come out in British lesbian magazine Diva in February 2009. For me, there’s never been a distinction about anything to do with sexuality, so there was no declaration to be made...

Clementine Ford is currently married to Cyrus Wilcox.

She has been in three celebrity relationships averaging approximately 3.5 years each.

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Clementine: Clementine Teacher: Can I just call you tangerine?

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