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And, of course, the i Phone SE has a 4-inch display, which is both smaller and lower resolution than either the i Phone 6s or 6s Plus. Obviously, by going from an i Phone 6s or 6s Plus you lose quite a bit of what makes the latest-generation Apple products so good: 3D Touch; a second-generation Touch ID sensor; and perhaps most important (to me), a Haptic Engine, which replaced the vibrator motor in the i Phone 5s.Hobbies Even the most serious cyclist returns with a big smile after a trial ride on an e-bike!There was a time when I biked everywhere, in my youth I even rode 60 miles following the veteran car rally from London to Brighton with a fixed wheel. Now 50 plus years on I’m back on two wheels enjoying the exercise and seeing more of this wonderful country.CTC - Check the Classification Shop by rating G - General PG - Parental guidance recommended M - Recommended for mature audiences R13 - Not suitable for people under 13 R15 - Not suitable for people under 15 R16 - Not suitable for people under 16 R18 - Not suitable for people under 18 Restricted - Restricted to a particular class of persons, or for particular purposes.

Do you really need to be told that an i Phone SE is the right phone for you?

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For almost a year, the Plus form factor became the catch-all for nearly everything I would have otherwise attempted to do on an i Pad, and a good chunk of what I would have kept for a Mac.

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