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She hasn't had any scandals or meltdowns like the rest of the girls who you see with the same monarch symbolism.Aside from her sister attacking Jay-Z, Beyoncé’s public life has remained mostly drama free.The event was the brainchild of Kevin Burns (creator and executive producer of Ancient Aliens and President of Prometheus Productions) and Philip Kim (publisher and convention organiser), and featured not only Ancient Aliens stars such as Giorgio Tsoukalos, Nick Pope, George Noory, Linda Moulton Howe and David Childress, but also stars from sci-fi movies and TV shows including Lost in Space, Battlestar Galactica and Firefly.There were lectures, workshops, photo/autograph opportunities, memorabilia and much more besides.

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The event was such a success that there are ongoing discussions about holding more such events in 2017 and beyond. Nick Pope has written two recent and high-profile features for the mainstream media.

The first, for the UK national daily newspaper The Guardian, is an examination of the cultural significance of The X-Files in the 21st Century. The second sets out a case for re-opening official research and investigation into the UFO phenomenon.

It was written for BBC Future, which concentrates on science and technology stories, but was also selected as the editor's pick on the main BBC website. Details have been announced concerning Nick Pope's participation in three events in 2016.

Just like all of the other pop stars of the time, Beyoncé’s body of work is rife with MK Ultra - Monarch Mind Control symbolism.

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