Updating the barracuda firmware

This problem occurs not only to the 1TB Barracuda models, but to Seagate 1.5TB, 640GB, 500GB, 320GB and 160GB Barracuda 7200.11 drives, along with some Maxtor and ES.2 models.

That's pretty disturbing, but now Seagate will provide its customers with an updated firmware if their drive is problematic.

I do then have to re sync the nearly 3 TB of data on the main machine .. I don't think anybody knows what the firmware update does on that particular model.

But since firmware updates on hard drives are rare and often serious, I do them.

In some circumstances, the data on the hard drives may become inaccessible to the user when the host system is powered on*.

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we are offering a free firmware upgrade to those with affected products.

After three to five months of normal operation these defective hard drives will suddenly lock-up as a protective measure and prevent the system from recognizing the drive from then onwards.

In most cases the information won't be lost, but the drive will be completely useless, changing the drive's electronics won't help much either.

The following is the official statement we received from the public relations group at Seagate: "Seagate has isolated a potential firmware issue in certain products, including some Barracuda 7200.11 hard drives and related drive families based on this product platform, manufactured through December 2008. We say series, as the potential list of affected drives is much larger than we first imagined when reports of drive failures escalated sharply in December.At that time, it seemed as though the problem was relegated to the 1TB ST31000340AS model.The NAS contains a JBOD array of two x 2TB Barracuda drives (ada2 and ada3) Serial Number: Z1E11CYZ Part Number: 1CH164-300 Model Number: ST2000DM001 Family: BARRACUDA I get this error, Jan 30 backup kernel: GEOM: ada2: corrupt or invalid GPT detected.Jan 30 backup kernel: GEOM: ada2: GPT rejected -- may not be recoverable.

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